If you visit our home, there is likely to be some unusual decor…such as squash on the hearth of our fireplace. For years I have stored squash in a cool, dark basement, trying to maintain the correct temperature I have always been told it should be kept at.

Last year I came across a controversial article somewhere that said squash stores best at room temperature, such as the living area of your house. We grow a lot of squash but I was open to giving it a try once, especially if it might expand my food storage-space options.  So, this winter there was a large wooden crate full of squash in the nicest room in our house.

I learned two things from this experiment…

1st, my squash lasted just as long in our living-room as it did in a dark, cool basement. I had about the same amount of rot either way. It’s a rather versatile storage food!

2nd, a large crate of squash in your living-room makes for a great conversation piece.

I love squash. I love the taste, the ease of growing, the storage life, the smell of it cooking, the melted butter and brown sugar on top, and now…the winter decor possibilities!

It is getting to the end of March and we are still eating this delicious, nutritious food from last year’s garden. The big crate has dwindled down to a small wooden flat and a few pumpkins but that’s not too shabby for an unpreserved garden vegetable!

Not all squash are equal though. I have found the best varieties that store well and have excellent flavor to be Butternut, Carnival, Acorn, Delicata, and Sweet Meat. Delicata is the first of the bunch to become soft.

Squash cooking in the house is one of the homiest smells.

I like to cram as much as I can into my slow-cooker. My 8 pound weights now have a dual purpose.

The chickens and goats love it when I cook squash. They get to enjoy it all winter too!

Little tidbit: seeds from cucurbita pepo when eaten on a weekly basis by livestock and poultry, help prevent internal parasites. It shouldn’t be used as the only prevention but it does aid in the cleansing process.



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2 Responses to “Squash in Spring?”

  1. PrairieMomReen Says:

    Great informative article, thanks again for sharing your gardening tips and successes.

  2. Phyllis Hess Says:

    I would love to have more time to explore your site. I just discovered it. Love the squash storage info. Just what I needed. Love sweet meat squash!
    I’m learning so much new every year. I too pot where ever and last week I took my 5 foot table to the deck and straddled it with a clothes rack and covered it all with plastic for my “greenhouse”
    Just finished “The Winter Harvest Handbook” for the second time. Great resource. I am also doing a garden at my son’s house as he has room(10 acres) for more stuff.
    Keep it up,
    Phyllis Hess

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