by Jenny Brown

I occasionally hear someone mention their potting shed or the plants they have started in their green house. Sigh. Sounds wonderful. You’d think with as big of a garden as we grow, there’d be a barn sized greenhouse on our property. I guess there is if my dining-room, family-room, and basement count!

The fact is, farm life is a constant juggling act here. I am often amazed at the multi-purpose and ever-changing uses of our little old barn. We’ve managed to make a place for the newly born goats and a young flock of turkey poults within our small square footage.  Currently, my poor car that blew the engine is jacked up with all it’s parts strewn all over the main barn floor. It’s like a can of sardines in there. I have to very slowly and carefully carry the flakes of hay to my goats so I don’t drop any loose leaves near the new engine. I even had to move the milking stand outside for awhile.

So,  if you want to grow a garden this year and don’t have a potting shed or a designated planting area, don’t think starting a a big garden indoors isn’t possible; just work with what you’ve got. I am proof that all you need is a floor.

Yesterday was a big seed planting day for me. First, I sorted all my seeds and put them into categories. This took up the family-room floor. Then the planting made it’s way to the kitchen floor.

When it comes to planting priorities, plants that provide food are number one, but I have to plant some of my favorite flowers.  They make me happy. I love to look at them  from out of my kitchen window. This flower is just as pretty to plant as it is to grow…

Note: I am not a fan of peat pots. They do not biodegrade as well as they claim to but I had a few left I wanted to use up.

Before transplanting to the flowerbed, I will cut out the bottom of the pots to allow the roots to spread easier.

On to kale, onions, basil, feverfew, a few more flowers, and eggplant!

My birthday isn’t until May but I received my gift a little early this year. A soil block maker! I used it for the first time today. No pots needed! More on this dandy, brilliant little tool later.

I gave my earlier started onions a haircut. Trimming the tops of your onions prevents them from toppling over and encourages bulb growth.  I added the trimmings to my soup for lunch. A first harvest!

Today’s planting mission accomplished!

Would I like to have a potting shed to do my planting in? Oh, yes! It’s on my wish list. But, all that is really needed to pot a garden is a kitchen floor.

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