The boys had gone fishing. I stayed home to rescue my drowning tender plants in the flower bed.

Weeds are beginning swallow up the young shoots of my peony and strangle my columbines.

Though Spring has just begun, quackgrass roots have already spun a web deep into the soil and wove their way through the roots of my Irises.

As I dig and pull up the dense carpet of green and expose the dark, rich soil below, my flowers begin to show themselves and spread open, as if gasping for air. Their color, vivid against the earth.

Spring. It comes every year but can one ever tire of it?  The weather begins to warm and life emerges from the ground. A black and white world becomes color.

I’m inspired. I brush the dirt off and run in the house to grab my camera. Although there is more weeding to do…there will always be more weeding, I leave my garden tools where they are and with camera in hand, go explore the beautiful new life that has arrived. The struggling plants have been given some breathing room… the rest of the weeds will wait for me,  just like the dishes do.

I spend my remaining daylight hours on my stomach in the grass or kneeling down in the dirt, looking through my lens for things that can only be seen, really seen, when you attempt to find them.

It’s these moments, when the watch on my wrist is not looked at, the list is forgotten, life’s stresses are temporarily ignored…and I just stop to enjoy, appreciate, and soak in the life around me, that I am at my happiest.
Thank you, Lord, for these moments…for these gifts.

No matter how many spring equinoxes have passed me by on the calendar pages,  I don’t think it is possible to ever tire of Spring.












Written by Jenny Brown ~ Photography by Jenny Brown



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