by Jenny Brown

I love pictures that portray the beauty of the country and farm life. Have you ever seen a photo of a beautiful woman or child wearing a flowing white nightgown while gathering vegetables in her garden or collecting eggs? It looks like a piece of heaven and deserves to be framed. A good photographer can capture the country in a picture and make you feel like you’re right there in the warm sun, lying in the pasture…but what it doesn’t capture is the large cow pie you just rolled over into.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the artistic beauty of farm life. If I could go around my farm looking like an angel running across the pasture with the cows, I would. But the reality is, I am likely wearing my husband’s old coat, waving my hands, and yelling at the top of my lungs to stop a  steer who escaped out the gate into my garden.  No wonder you do not generally see reality paintings of the farm.  I know I wouldn’t want to hang one up.

For no other purpose than fun, I have decided to put together a little ‘Farm Girl  Fashion’ reality. Because really, who wears their best dress when feeding chickens or watering the goats? (Minus those times when you are all decked out for the evening and remember at the last minute that the chickens need closed up…I’ve never done THAT before.)


Farm Girl Footwear: Shoes must be close toed and practical. I don’t recommend barefoot. That only looks good in paintings. You can take your boots off before going inside but not your feet.

As you can see with the pink, ‘cute’ was initially the desired look but few times out to the barn and the ‘cute’ quickly gets covered in ‘something’.


Next, we have a classic look for the wet spring season… a little embellishment on the boots.


This was my once lovely  blue running jacket that is no longer fit to be seen on the road. It has been permanently stained with with goat milk,  garden dirt, cow slobber, and, on the back…


…markings from the hooves of two adorable little baby goats jumping up to greet me.


Hats…a girl can’t be without hats!

Hmmm…do I feel like bright yellow with hunter green today or should I go with camo?


A good ‘ol pair of Levi’s are a must. Wranglers remind me too much of Tough-Skins. I didn’t even have to pay extra for the hole…a fence wire took care of that for me.



Farm girl Reality ensemble:

It doesn’t match, there’s holes, there’s stains…but it’s practical and it’s not white!

I’ll save my white for dinner with my sweetheart and an unrealistic photograph to hang on the wall 😉





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2 Responses to “Farm Girl Fashion Reality Check”

  1. Melody Keena Says:

    I think I own that same outfit. Thanks for the reality check.

  2. Sarah Says:

    My boots look very similar, so do my green slides. And in the winter, I am usually in my husband’s big coat, and if I am in a hurry and his are closer, his boots too.

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