By Jenny Brown

It may not officially be spring yet but as soon as the snow starts to melt, the spring work begins around our farm.

Work was being done in the coop today so the birds had to eat outside…

As my husband was building a new chicken feeder…

I began cleaning out the ‘nursery’ and getting it ready for our expecting goat mamas (normally the cattle stall).

Being around the animals all day allows you to observe things you may not normally see…

such as chicken vs. turkey races…

The proud winner!

Dancing chickens (We call this the Rooster dance)

Vocal performances…


and attitudes.

The boys and I went to clean out the goat feeder and found a surprise…

This hen knew she didn’t belong in there…the guilty flees when no one pursues!

Add to list today: fix feeder to keep intruding hen out.

Hot soup for lunch; made from ingredients off our land.

A new location was prepared for our young poults (turkeys) and their mother.

They’ve outgrown their current spot.

In the late afternoon the girls were socializing up in the trees.

Slowly, they made their way back to the coop as we finished up our work.

It’s been a long, productive day on the farm.

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2 Responses to “Busy Spring Work Day on the Farm”

  1. PrairieMomReen Says:

    Hi guys! I came by to see what place you recommend (locally) to purchase heritage seeds from.

    This article brings to light more reasons why we encourage families to start growing their own produce!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Up here in the Pacific Northwest area, my personal choice the past few years has been Nichols Garden Nursery. Their variety may not be as broad as some seed companies, but they have personally tested the varieties they offer and have the most accurate insight for growing in our region. Territorial seed is another favorite for Open-Pollinated varieties (OP).


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