Clipping Chicken Flight Feathers

I prefer to not clip my hen’s wings. They have better ability to escape from predators and perch in higher places. But, sometimes that flight ability can be a problem, especially when they are young and light or discover they can go hang out in the neighbors garden. In this video I’ll show you my step-by-step process for trimming wings. P.S. My hens were not overly happy about being caught... [Read more]

Where do I buy chicks? Hatchery, Feed Store, or naturally raised off a Small Farm?

by Jenny Brown It’s hard to resist such fluffy cuteness in the spring but are all chicks equal? There are several different options for purchasing your chicks. Instead of telling you where to buy them, I am going to share with you my personal and varied experiences that will hopefully help you in your own decision-making. To me, visiting the feed store in February and seeing those little day-old... [Read more]

Keeping Chickens in Winter – Give them their Personal Space or You’ll become their Slave

 by Jenny Brown “How do you keep your chickens in winter?” That is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked about raising poultry. Several years ago, when I first began teaching ‘Raising Chickens 101‘,  I taught my students to do what I did. At the time, I pretty much did everything by the book.  I still follow some of those guidelines today because it’s... [Read more]

An Unexpected October Surprise

by Jenny Brown This morning, my youngest son, who had been out feeding the chickens, came bursting through the back door, frantically calling “Mama! Mama! Come here, quick!” Several questions immediately raced through my mind. ‘What did the coyote kill now?” “How bad is an animal injured?” With a worried expression, my son announced, “One of our Americana... [Read more]

Cleaning the Chicken Coop Without the Use of Harsh Chemicals

by Jenny Brown I’ve taught chicken raising classes on our small farm and the most common misconception of newbie chicken owners is their vision of an always storybook clean coop like in the hobby-farm magazines. Contrary to the tidy Little Red Hen we grew up with, hens do not keep house well and they’ll poop on anything they can stand on. I guarantee you, no matter how cutesie your coop... [Read more]

Something Wasn’t Quite Right at Our Home

By Jenny Brown Something wasn’t quite right. A sound was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it. The kids have been home from school this week; it’s not exactly quiet. Then it dawned on me…every year since we moved into this house there have been little peeps in our home at this time of year! This was the first year we did not need to order chicks. We raised heritage Delawares last year... [Read more]