‘GONE BROODY’ Happy Mother’s Day from On The Green Farms!

  If I was to make a list of my favorite things, one would be the fluffy fat bottoms of my hens waddling through the yard. Another would be a fluffed-out mother hen that has ‘gone broody’ on a clutch of eggs, her little head sunk into a ball of feathers.           While  gathering eggs, I witnessed this cute, motherly scene of a desperate broody hen …     …all... [Read more]

One of the Biggest Gifts in Life is Learning to See the Small Things

The boys had gone fishing. I stayed home to rescue my drowning tender plants in the flower bed. Weeds are beginning swallow up the young shoots of my peony and strangle my columbines. Though Spring has just begun, quackgrass roots have already spun a web deep into the soil and wove their way through the roots of my Irises. As I dig and pull up the dense carpet of green and expose the dark, rich soil... [Read more]

“Don’t it Make My Brown Eggs Blue…” Coloring Brown Eggs for Easter

“When are we going to color Easter eggs, Mama?” If you’re like me, I can’t bear to buy those factory raised,  spherical objects called ‘eggs’, at the grocery store, no matter how cheap they are at Easter time. I was trained well by my resourceful mother-in-law to never throw food away. If you can’t eat it, feed it to the chickens or turn it into compost. Yet, the generic... [Read more]

The Story Behind Storey’s Guides – Who Really Says Chickens and Turkeys Don’t Get Along?

By Jenny Brown Have you ever driven 40 miles in a mini-van to pick up a young ram that bawled loudly the entire ride home? Been there, done that. (By the end of that trip, I was bawling) Have you ever considered bringing home two large, shaggy, spitting llamas to be your chickens’ personal bodyguards for protection against coyotes and neighboring dogs? Yep. Done that too. He was so sweet and innocent…until... [Read more]

Not All Sisters Get Along – Our Three Sister’s Planting Experience

by Jenny Brown It seemed that ‘Three Sisters Planting’ was a big ‘buzz word’ in the gardening world this past couple years. From gardening magazines and blogs to the front page of a local community paper that has very little to do with gardening. It appeared everyone was suddenly an expert on this historical family trio. I decided to look into this threesome a little more and... [Read more]

“You’re Flower Gardening in November?”

By Jenny Brown When you raise your own food, and especially when you write about it, people always ask  “How’s the farm?” or “How’s the garden?” I find the reactions amusing when I’m asked those questions in November and I tell them “I’ve been spending time in my flower garden.” It’s true. I have been out among my flowers. The flower... [Read more]

An Unexpected October Surprise

by Jenny Brown This morning, my youngest son, who had been out feeding the chickens, came bursting through the back door, frantically calling “Mama! Mama! Come here, quick!” Several questions immediately raced through my mind. ‘What did the coyote kill now?” “How bad is an animal injured?” With a worried expression, my son announced, “One of our Americana... [Read more]

Dry It, You’ll Like It! Deydrating Your Food Saves Space and Money

By Jenny Brown Canning, freezing, and dehydrating food. I’ve used all these methods of preserving, but I have to say that dehydrating is my personal favorite for a few reasons: 1. When food is dehydrated, it shrinks! It is amazing how much food I can fit into a gallon jar. I dry peppers, carrots, and zucchini for fall and winter-time soups. One gallon of each will last us all winter! What would... [Read more]

How We’re Getting Ripe Tomatoes with the Cooler Season this Year

By Jenny Brown The past two summers have been much cooler than I remember them ever being. In our little farmville,  it seems there is griping every spring about the cold temperatures, it’s as though we all have never fully accepted the fact that our area doesn’t warm up until June. Mentally, we believe that spring should start in April. But, this year the complaints were legitimate. Everything... [Read more]

Growing and Raising Your Own Food – Is It Really Worth the Work?

by Jenny Brown “When people ask us what we do, the response is usually “That’s a lot of work!” Yes, it is. It’s more work than we’ve ever experienced. In fact, it’s so much work that it has become our lifestyle because we must constantly tend to it. Yet, there is something extraordinary about sitting down to a meal produced from your own land. Yes, the flavor... [Read more]