Cleaning the Chicken Coop Without the Use of Harsh Chemicals

by Jenny Brown I’ve taught chicken raising classes on our small farm and the most common misconception of newbie chicken owners is their vision of an always storybook clean coop like in the hobby-farm magazines. Contrary to the tidy Little Red Hen we grew up with, hens do not keep house well and they’ll poop on anything they can stand on. I guarantee you, no matter how cutesie your coop... [Read more]

How to Naturally Deworm your Animals

by Jenny Brown We do not use chemical wormers on our farm animals. You must practice prevention if you choose not to go the chemical route. Herbal dewormers do not build up resistance to parasites like deworming drugs do but they require more frequent dosages.  Herbal worming formulas act differently than chemical wormers in that they do not go into the body and wipe out (kill) the living organisms.... [Read more]

How to Make A Natural Disinfectant Teat Spray for Your Milking Goats

Jenny’s Natural Teat Spray Recipe for Milking Goats: This is my own recipe that I use on my does after each milking. This natural disinfectant is used in a spray form which prevents any bacteria from spreading from one teat to the other (no contact) and eliminates the need of disposable Dixie cups for a ‘teat dip’. It also contains NO BLEACH, which is effective at killing germs but is a harsh... [Read more]

How to Make Your own Healthy, Natural Dog Food

The Dog Food Dilemma – Our Search for a Better Dog Food by Jenny Brown Please note: I am not a veterinarian or a nutritionist and am not qualified to give advise regarding your pet’s medical or nutritional needs.  Thank you for understanding!   When we adopted our dog, Brewster, a German Shepard mix (of which we will never know for sure of what), he sneezed often and shed like crazy.... [Read more]