“Jump In With Both Boots and Live it!”

On The Green Farms is a small family farm that has a passion for natural, sustainable living. Most of what our family eats comes right off our little piece of land (under 5 acres).

We do not make a living off the farm. But, we do set the best possible food on our tables and have developed a philosophy that pretty much pays for it all.

Our secret? Everything we grow or raise must provide or produce something of value. All animals living on our homestead must earn their keep and contribute to the sustainability of our farm. We all play an important role.

Just like you, we have all the typical responsibilities, a business to run, and four kids to keep up with. Along with all life just brings us, our family has learned how to live more simply and independently by growing and raising our own food (amongst other self-sustaining ways of life) with the small amount of land, time, and money we have to work with.

No, we didn’t start out by putting money down on a farm. We built it from scratch and paid for it with scratch. When we need something around the farm, we build it out of the materials we have on hand, if we can.

Organic farming and gardening has been in our family history for over three generations and it is one trait that has carried strongly down through our families.
We’ve grown or raised a medley of foods on our land, both meat and vegetable.

Sheep, cattle, dairy goats, hogs, heritage chickens and turkeys, and meat birds have all grazed our farm at one time or another. One thing we have learned is that the animals do not read the books! We enjoy passing our experiences and the knowledge we’ve gained on to others who share the same desire to become more self-sufficient. We love to encourage them to jump in with both boots and live it!

Changes and improvements are always being made on our little farm, and that will likely not stop as we enjoy trying new things, comparing results, and figuring out the best possible solutions to our daily challenges.

When we started our family farm, we learned that much of the valuable information online is geared to larger scale farming and not always to the backyard gardener or small acreage “recreational” farmer.

Our aim is to take the “exhausting” part out of the exhaustive research, put it into practice here on our farm, then narrow it down to the information that works for the small farmer/home gardener. If there doesn’t appear to be a “why” behind something, we won’t write about it. There is no fluff here (except sheep).

Many of us want to get back to traditional living and to create an independent food supply. Unfortunately, the last generation that knew how to live the simple life are mostly gone. We are part of a newer generation who are reviving good, old-fashioned do-it-yourself gardening/farming skills and want to pass the old (and new) knowledge on to you!

Please take a tour of our site…we have lots of valuable and free information on a variety of homesteading and gardening topics such as our ‘How to Grow Organic’ section. This contains thorough, well-researched information on starting, growing, and harvesting just about every individual fruit or vegetable organically in a home garden.
‘Farmer Brown’s Journal’ is Jenny’s blog which covers a wide variety of topics such as Natural Animal care where she has posted articles on Raising Dairy Goats, Homemade Dog Food and How to Naturally Deworm your Animals. Jenny has also started video series on Organic and Heirloom Gardening and Raising Dairy Goats.

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